Burner Set


The Front x Rear Burner set from beryl is a high-performance, low-maintenance couple.

At your tail end, the Rear Burner shines at 100 lumens bright from a string of 24 LEDs that disperse the beam to avoid blinding riders behind. It has a light sensor and comes on automatically - you don't need to stop and faff or wonder if your light is on. Up front, the Front Burner pumps out an impressive 180 lumens from a bank of 24 LEDs making sure you'll get noticed on the road.


Design and Tech Specs

  • 100 lumens on Rear Burner
  • 180 lumens on Front Burner
  • Intelligent light sensor
  • 180º visibility
  • Magnetic snap bracket with spherical rotation
  • 60 hours max run time
  • Powersave mode
  • Precise charge check
  • Fully waterproof
  • USB charging


**Burner set in black is currently out of stock - more will be available soon**